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Our Academy provides GK Development Programs for all Ages and all Levels, Pre & Off Season Training, Fitness & Strength, Skills, Drills, Tactics, 12 Keys to High Performance Goal Keeping.

Our goal is to develop keepers to achieve their individual goals through technically sound training in a fun, safe and challenging environment.

Our development program covers:
Technical: Ball handling, shot stopping, foot work/coordination, distribution
Tactical: Positional play, fitness, mental strength

Fitness is the cornerstone of optimal performance while technique is the foundation.

Jochen • Owner/Headcoach

2009/2014-Canadian National B
1978 – German National B
1973 – German Track & Field, Physical Fitness
Former Pro GK second division Germany

Goalkeeper coaching for:

Private One-on-one
Coaching Coaches
Summer Camps

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Roy Blanche – Number 1 GK for Brampton CSL and the Canadian National GK in Futsol

“I’ve had the pleasure to train with coach Jochen during my first season with Brampton City United F.C. His experience and knowledge of the game translates in his training sessions. My fitness level, reaction time and overall game has definitely improved due to the intensity and quality of his sessions. Four months into the season I signed a contract in Qatar and thanks to the Jochen I was able to do well in my time in the middle east. An expert in his field to say the least.”

Duncan Jobson – Voyageurs GK Full scholarship – Laurentian University

“Even though I haven’t been training with coach Jochen very long I have still noticed an improvement in my game. He is unlike any keeper coach I have ever worked with and for me personally; he is the BEST. His sessions are always very challenging, informative and fun. Every day he has a new set of drills to do and is very focused on conditioning. He brings a professional attitude to the pitch everyday and helps me push myself to become the best I can. I look forward to continuing my sessions with him.”

Laurentian Campus 2015-2016 Voyageurs Men’s Soccer Team with GK Duncan, Collin and Connor

“I’ve been working with Jochen for a few years now and have noticed major improvements in my game since the beginning. His ability to coach effectively is unrivaled and his sessions are always informative and fun. He is always pushing me to be the best I can and it shows when I step out on the pitch for a game. I can’t wait to continue working with him and further improving my game.”
“Jochen helped me develop my skills as a GK greatly from the very first session. Jochen has incredible knowledge of the game and uses this to develop training sessions that work on every aspect of the position. The feedback he gives you is very helpful and I quickly learned from his feedback and fixed the mistakes I was making. The sessions Jochen runs are very serious and demand your full effort but with entertainment along the way. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to be trained by Jochen who is a true unique leader. I am looking forward to working with Jochen this summer and in the years coming at Laurentian.”
“After my first full season training under Jochen I can gladly say he has developed me as a goalkeeper through his entertaining, educational and always informative training sessions. He always brings a happy yet stern attitude to the field and I have found it to bring out the very best in me pushing me to work harder and flourish as a goalkeeper. Jochen is an expert in his field, learning from him truly is learning from the best.”

Adrian Ibanez – Chacarita Jrs (Argentina), Platense Uruguay), Portugal F.C. (CSL), Brampton Lions (CSL)

“Training with coach (Jochen) has provided an enormous boost to my career. His vision and training is at the professional level. He provides intense training in all aspects of the game from footwork, cutting angles, corners, brake a ways, and positioning. Not too many goalkeeper coaches have played at his level which make his knowledge of the game very essential in teaching and grasping what is being taught.”

Adam Janssen – Goalkeeper Long Island University NCAA DI and Canadian U23 National Team (Olympic Team)

“Training with Jochen has been the best way for me to keep in shape and keep sharp during the summer season. He incorporates a variety of techniques during training, and the training is professional and intense. He does a great job getting the GKs to work to their highest potential. He has helped me to round out all aspects of my game.”

Luca Leone

“Training with Jochen is always challenging and fun, because every day we do something different and learn new things. My personal goal is to eventually become pro and make a life with soccer.”

Shawn Sawyer – National Team Jamaica

“I find working with Coach Jochen similar to working with my National Team Jamaica. The coaching is similar because both focus on technique and strength while getting you fit. I like working with Coach Jochen and I am looking forward to learning more from him”

Kodro Euloge Awitor – Brampton United (CSL)

“I started training with Johan (Jochen) and ABC Goalkeeping for about 4 months. As soon as I started training with ABC Goalkeeping I realized that is was the real deal. Indeed, Johan’s coaching philosophy was what I experienced in France and deeply missed and needed in Canada to reach my full potential and my soccer goals. Johan helps me improve my technical abilities as well as my fitness and level with his well designed sessions. His experience, passion, and comments give me the discipline, the focus and the motivation to push myself every day at practice. I highly recommend ABC Goalkeeping to any goalkeeper out there looking to improve its abilities in order to reach the next level. Johan please keep on pushing us sessions after sessions.”

Scott J Cliff – SC Toronto (CSL)

“I started working with Jochen when I was 17 through Bryst summer camps and then a winter program alternating every other Saturday and Sunday in Toronto and Brampton. Most of the training was 1-on-1 and to this day the most influential to my game. The training sessions were intense, technique driven and always very educational. Jochen pushed me to my limits and because of that I was able to achieve a scholarship to Oakland City University, a Div-2 school in Indiana. After my collegiate career ended with two season at Laurentian University, along with NCCAA All-regional Team in the USA, 2-time OUA All-star, OUA MVP, and CIS All-Canadian 2nd Team honours I transitioned to the Canadian Soccer League as the captain of Milltown FC. Currently I am playing for SC Toronto of the CSL and I am still training to become a goalkeeper in Europe.”




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